First log in to your Vodafone account and you should see this screen. Click the "My Sure Signal" section at the bottom. If you don't see this option please go to the next step below.


The Sure Signal option should also be here in the drop down menu. 

If not you should see your mobile number listed on the page with an option next to it "Manage", select this. Then under account services select "Manage services" and then select Sure Signal.

On the next screen click the "Register" button.

Enter the postcode of where the Sure Signal is to be located and click next.

In the first box enter the serial number of the Sure Signal. This can be found on the sticker on the rear or on the box it came in.


Then give the Sure Signal a name. It is not important what is entered here.


Choose the floor level of the Sure Signal and then tick the accept the terms box.


The mobile number you set up your Vodafone account log in will be automatically registered but if you want to add more click "add users", if not click "submit without adding users" button.

If you clicked "add users" you will see this screen. The mobile numbers field is the only required one here but names can be added also. Once finished click "submit" and the Sure Signal will then be set up. Each mobile number registered will receive a text message confirming they have been added.